Brent Rivera DREAM VACATION Full Show Marathon w/ Ben Azelart, Lexi Rivera, Lexi Hensler, & MORE

18. Ruj 2020.
86 266 Pregleda

We're streaming every episode of Brent Rivera DREAM VACATION! If you could go on vacation with any youtuber, who would it be and where?
Welcome to AwesomenessTV, where all of your favorite creators like Niki & Gabi, Brent Rivera, Eva Gutowski, Jordyn Jones, The Stokes Twins, and more come together in daily shows made for you! Our originals My Dream Quinceañera, Malibu Surf, Cheerleaders are real life dramas with friends you know, and a dose of the Daily Report keeps you informed on celeb gossip. New shows everyday to create an awesome day!
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  • Ben,lexi and Andrew was better Like why did he pick others?

    Savaje vlogsSavaje vlogsPrije 11 dana
  • Bal

    Trisia CarterTrisia CarterPrije 13 dana
  • Bro im sad pierson wasn't in the vacation 😔😔

    Robert OntiriRobert OntiriPrije 15 dana
  • bruh goooooood stream

    Andrew BoneyAndrew BoneyPrije 18 dana
  • Lexie

    Kinz WeinreichKinz WeinreichPrije 22 dana
  • i always wonder how it feels to be part of their squad

    Vaia GomezVaia GomezPrije 23 dana
  • Why is it 3 hours?! :Oo

    Violet PlaysViolet PlaysPrije 25 dana
  • Can u please stop staying the good is so good I am bout to walk or fly or swim to Italy and find that place and eat the food and then walk swim fly back to we’re I live

    Mia s RosesMia s RosesPrije 26 dana
  • that was really cool vaca but the peach joke was gettig old

    Michael ShumbaMichael ShumbaPrije 29 dana
  • I’m just wondering why Pierson or Ava aren’t here

    jazmine_ zuniga2jazmine_ zuniga2Prije 29 dana
  • hey lexi you are you best and both lexi

    Shyleigh AugustaShyleigh AugustaPrije mjesec
  • No one is wearing masks!

    The Ninja WayThe Ninja WayPrije mjesec
    • It’s because this was shot before COVID-19

      Mital ParikhMital ParikhPrije mjesec
  • That third video was not a tie !! 🙄 Lexi's and Ben were a clear winner ❤️

    Ayushi VikalAyushi VikalPrije mjesec
  • this was streamed on my birthday

  • LOL funny hehe

    savanna mariesavanna mariePrije mjesec
  • The Lexi‘s Win

    Emma WagnerEmma WagnerPrije mjesec
  • I love your videos

    Emma WagnerEmma WagnerPrije mjesec
  • Did anyone notice how it SEEMED (bc I don't really know that's why it's caps) like nobody liked doing the challenges with the twins? I mean I get it especially when lexi Rivera and the twins were on a team and they were taking over then making fun of her for not helping and just being sore losers. Andrew was kind of the same way, but I like how Andrew has that side, and yet is still his sweet gentle side. It's a good mixture. Does anybody else agree? Lol this is just my opinion I'd like to hear yours too

    Angelia GambinoAngelia GambinoPrije mjesec
  • Yes I finally made a new vacation show tytyty I love all the vacation show keep going🤪🤪🤪🤪

    pro gamer robloxloverpro gamer robloxloverPrije mjesec
  • omg i cant stop look at this if its funny like 7:08

    Delin DelinDelin DelinPrije mjesec
  • What was the sone that started playing what is it called

    BreXx _PlaYzzBreXx _PlaYzzPrije mjesec
  • Hello

    Valeria RodriguezValeria RodriguezPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    Valeria RodriguezValeria RodriguezPrije mjesec
  • Andrew 💕

    Jynn AndayaJynn AndayaPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    Jayden JonesJayden JonesPrije mjesec
  • Andrew is hot

    Denyce FabianDenyce FabianPrije mjesec
    • dude chill

      Michael ShumbaMichael ShumbaPrije 29 dana
  • The only thing I got out of this is that Brent is SUPER RICH!

    ulochi arisaulochi arisaPrije mjesec
  • Alan, Andrew and Lexi

    Hockeyplayer36 SwagHockeyplayer36 SwagPrije mjesec
  • L L B

    Javin SoorJavin SoorPrije mjesec
  • This lit 🔥

    Javin SoorJavin SoorPrije mjesec
  • Are these all the episodes?

    Rohit mahajanRohit mahajanPrije mjesec
  • @Mr Beast

    Mr BeastMr BeastPrije mjesec
  • 3:19 Andrew: My future wife Me: wondering if he means to Lexi rivera ben:😤😤😤😤 but 🙂🙂🙂🙂 Brent: taking the new broom out

    nay zawnay zawPrije mjesec

    Queen HockneyQueen HockneyPrije mjesec
  • Me too I want to travel

    Jocelyn OchoaJocelyn OchoaPrije mjesec
  • No offence but I think the Lexis won! :)

    catriona vucatriona vuPrije mjesec
  • This was before corona btw that’s why there not wearing masks and stuff

    Flo blingFlo blingPrije mjesec
    • @Mariya Ukrainskaya 😂😂 I was kinda disappointed because I thought it was a new video and then realized it's just a marathon lol but I like this too

      Angelia GambinoAngelia GambinoPrije mjesec
    • because it was like 2 years ago lol

      Mariya UkrainskayaMariya UkrainskayaPrije mjesec
  • ...

    Chloe MylesChloe MylesPrije mjesec
  • I now that is fun

    Chloe MylesChloe MylesPrije mjesec
  • I

    Chloe MylesChloe MylesPrije mjesec
  • Wooo

    Chloe MylesChloe MylesPrije mjesec
  • I want to travel😭😭

    Rojakiran GajulaRojakiran GajulaPrije mjesec
  • Early af

    Mr YemeniMr YemeniPrije mjesec
  • 💚💚❤❤💚💚🐰

    ALENA SukhorukovaALENA SukhorukovaPrije mjesec
  • they are all such good creatives :)

    Mikayla AmreinMikayla AmreinPrije mjesec
  • Me: 2 comments! im really early Me again: wait what do i say? ;-; ~Me checking how long ago this was~ HRworld: 4 hours ago Me: ;-;

    iiBrokenroseiiBrokenrosePrije mjesec
  • U just post one thing again and agin

    JJIMITJJIMITPrije mjesec
    • Me :died

      Javin SoorJavin SoorPrije mjesec
  • Brierson forever...

    Harshith RajHarshith RajPrije mjesec
    • Brieasion for life yo

      summer haniesummer haniePrije mjesec