Merrell Twins FASHION CHALLENGE Compilation - Closet Wars FULL MARATHON

2. Ruj 2020.
86 326 Pregleda

Griffin Johnson & Kio Cyr Expose Tik Tok Sway House TEA & make cauliflower pizza dough | Dish This-
We're streaming every episode of CLOSET WARS with the Merrell Twins! What's your fav look?!

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  • Veronica

    WonderlandWonderlandPrije 2 dana
  • I remember watching these when they came out. I remember liking some of Nessa's outfits more than Roni's. I'm now realizing that I liked them then because it was trendy. But Roni's style is classic and I like her style better now because she's authentically herself without trying to go with whatever society dictates as beautiful at the moment.

    PenPenPrije 5 dana
  • I think nesss won almost all of them for me. Sorry Ronnie but I love Nessas style

    Happy _EllaryHappy _EllaryPrije 10 dana
  • Team veronica for sure

    Queen AndersonQueen AndersonPrije 16 dana
  • Roni likes to dress old or older, and than Nessa likes to look sexy or modern and my style is always casual, but i also use formal clothes.

  • Roses are red Violets are blue You look amazing No one will judge you❤️

    BrooklynBrooklynPrije 22 dana
  • Viranica won ice skating

    Reese TollettReese TollettPrije mjesec
  • Team Merrel all the way

    Reese TollettReese TollettPrije mjesec
  • Did anyone else get annoyed when Vanessa had her hair in her sweater!!

    Samantha FisherSamantha FisherPrije mjesec
  • Team Merrell

    Have fun with SahasraHave fun with SahasraPrije mjesec
  • Vanessa has great style

    Lianna GerkenLianna GerkenPrije mjesec
  • Team Veronica In 80s themed party

    Yashvi DuaYashvi DuaPrije mjesec
  • team merrell!

    Cloie RichieCloie RichiePrije mjesec
  • TEAM NESSA🥰🥰...

    Jershe Lee AradoJershe Lee AradoPrije mjesec
  • I like veronicas

    Chicken NuggetChicken NuggetPrije mjesec
  • I choose team merrell

    Elsie CurdElsie CurdPrije mjesec
  • 1:40 what's that song that plays in the background??

    Elena L.Elena L.Prije mjesec
  • Team Nessa! ❤

    Mayra GonzalezMayra GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • Team meeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SamSamPrije mjesec
  • Love Merrell twins😃❤

    Mary July MagdozaMary July MagdozaPrije mjesec
  • Does anyone want to know how it looks like when they put the goggles on?

    Sxpphire Midnight Wolf ツSxpphire Midnight Wolf ツPrije mjesec
  • Team Nessa all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw love your style nessa!♡♡

    XxHeyitismebri XxXxHeyitismebri XxPrije mjesec
  • Team roni

    Sugar KittySugar KittyPrije mjesec
  • Team Nessa

    Sugar KittySugar KittyPrije mjesec
  • I pick team vanasa

    Aneet BainsAneet BainsPrije mjesec
  • My fave show 🔥✨

    Novemberrocks MusicNovemberrocks MusicPrije mjesec
  • they are both sooo pretty 🥰

    desyanndesyannPrije mjesec
  • Im more roni’s outfit❣️

    Sunflower 2Sunflower 2Prije mjesec

    Shivika AgarwalShivika AgarwalPrije mjesec
  • I love the merrell twins I am a crazy fan of them

    Mufliha FathimaMufliha FathimaPrije mjesec
  • Team nessa all the wayyy

    juliah luy colitajuliah luy colitaPrije mjesec
  • Team merrell

    vijay kumarvijay kumarPrije mjesec
  • Love all roni's outfit❤️❤️

    Ayu Adha ApriyatiAyu Adha ApriyatiPrije mjesec
  • I'm Team Merrell❤

    Aniqa MunirAniqa MunirPrije mjesec
  • I love Nessa confidence

    Miya TaylorMiya TaylorPrije mjesec
  • 2:03:43 For people wondering: this is just for myself so I can come and watch it anytime I want . And I edit it when I leave it again .

    Ruth SusanRuth SusanPrije mjesec
  • Roni's style is a lot more comfy which i wear but Vanessa's style is the style that i want to wear but i don't have the confidence yet

    Reign SerenìtyReign SerenìtyPrije mjesec
  • team merell

    rawrmeliorawrmelioPrije mjesec
  • I love them both but after watching 3 hours of Merrel twins i can safely say that Veronica is the more down to earth one. She always rushes into complimenting both outfits and sometimes she will even compliment Nessa’s over hers while Nessa mostly thinks hers is better and she doesn’t compliment Roni’s as much. No hate but to me seems like Roni is the modest and more loving twin. Nessa’s confidence is sometimes a bit annoying although she might be joking. No hate for any bc i love them both and everyone has their great features and flaws starting with me teheheh, but this is just something i kept noticing during the full 3 hours.

    Roro RRoro RPrije mjesec
    • Aliya Manns you didnt find me saying that she is a monster ! I specifically said that each one of us has their great features and flaws ! And in general Roni doesnt get enough attention as Nessa although she needs it more bc she is suffering from anxiety ! Don’t get so heated up i love them both as well chill bro

      Roro RRoro RPrije mjesec
    • Who cares that she doesn't compliment Roni back? This a game. They're both sweet and they love eachother. Y'all look way too deep into this

      Aliya MannsAliya MannsPrije mjesec
    • Roro R I completely agree I saw it all the way through too

      Alondra AcostaAlondra AcostaPrije mjesec
    • Facts. I always find roni genuine and down to earth

      Khile BianoKhile BianoPrije mjesec

    Irish Nicole RouraIrish Nicole RouraPrije mjesec
  • Omg too much nostalgia

    Muzainah SaffdarMuzainah SaffdarPrije mjesec
  • Team Vanessa yess

    Lihas LifeLihas LifePrije mjesec
  • Venesa

    maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
  • Rony

    maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
  • Vannasa

    maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
  • Maral

    maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
  • Vanas

    maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
    • Live you

      maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
  • Both

    maryam murtazamaryam murtazaPrije mjesec
  • Venessa won most of them 💜💜

    Kamran ShaikhKamran ShaikhPrije mjesec
  • Their style reminds me of Charlie

    MeowVidsMeowVidsPrije mjesec
  • In the back to school/girls night one, they mixed up Roni and Nessa lol

    Freya SFreya SPrije mjesec
  • Team merrell

    Kristen ScheepersKristen ScheepersPrije mjesec
  • Team Vanessa 😁

    Cora TerpstraCora TerpstraPrije mjesec
  • The one sounds like Rosanna I just hallucinating or what? Lol

    Mom HillaryMom HillaryPrije mjesec
  • Team Merrell!!!!!!!! You guys are both awesome

    Emilia LopezEmilia LopezPrije mjesec
  • team nessa !

    Julia MarshJulia MarshPrije mjesec
  • Crop top, for sure Nessa sorry rony;(

    LeaDLeaDPrije mjesec
  • Team Merrell

    aatika Mubasheraatika MubasherPrije mjesec
  • AwesomenessTV really ought to bring back this series!

    Joseph KiernanJoseph KiernanPrije mjesec
    • And they should

      Ahmed shams KhanAhmed shams KhanPrije mjesec
  • I’m team roni

    Kara Eileen ForeverKara Eileen ForeverPrije mjesec
  • This was my favorite series.

    BrieAnna LeeBrieAnna LeePrije mjesec
  • NO WAY! A new closet wars?!!?!?!?!???!!?

    bubxb_lybubxb_lyPrije mjesec
  • 2:32:10

    Alex JhonAlex JhonPrije mjesec
  • Swimsuit: Vanessa. Study: Veronica. Valentine: Vanessa. 80’s: Vanessa. Game night: Veronica. Cant watch the whole vid sry

    LeaDLeaDPrije mjesec
    • Me too

      Fazna FizanFazna FizanPrije mjesec
  • *To the early squad reading this : sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it* *Always stay safe, love from a small U tuber* ❤️

    Emma SlimeEmma SlimePrije mjesec
    • you to

      Nansi ClarosNansi ClarosPrije mjesec
  • I love this series ❤️❤️

    Samar AmmarSamar AmmarPrije mjesec
  • Roniiiiii

    Lindsey VuLindsey VuPrije mjesec
  • Team Merrill because you're both so ugly just kidding that wasn't that wasn't nice I wasn't really doing that but yeah I love you guys you're both of your outfits were so cute and pretty but I pick Merrell and Veronica because you guys stuff is so pretty so yeah bye

    naomi batchelornaomi batchelorPrije mjesec
  • I love this channel so much🙃💜

    hafsah Khanhafsah KhanPrije mjesec
  • Team Veronica let's go woohoo 😁

    naomi batchelornaomi batchelorPrije mjesec
  • Merrel Twins for life ♥︎♥︎♥︎

    MPandaLoverMMPandaLoverMPrije mjesec
  • 1:19:33

    Alex JhonAlex JhonPrije mjesec
  • Team Veronese👭👭

    Sharif HassanSharif HassanPrije mjesec
  • Vanessa in the Valentine's day outfit kinda looks like Nancy off stranger things

    Maddie LoweryMaddie LoweryPrije mjesec
  • Does anyone think in the Valentine's Day round or whatever that Veronica's pants look like boy pants so I think I'm sorry Veronica but I think but Vanessa is going to get a date faster sorry

    Andy CavinAndy CavinPrije mjesec
    • ?

  • Team nessa all the wayyyy

    A PersonA PersonPrije mjesec
  • They are so pretty😍

    Eva ŠarkoEva ŠarkoPrije mjesec
  • Love Merrel twins

    vedika prasadvedika prasadPrije mjesec
  • Outfit 1 Swimwear : Nessa wins

    Emily - GamerEmily - GamerPrije mjesec
  • Can you please please please please pretty please do a 3 expo marker challenge drawing pictures on whiteboard

    Cobbie PattersonCobbie PattersonPrije mjesec
  • Team Vanessa

    Ava MacDougallAva MacDougallPrije mjesec
  • Roni ♥️

  • Early squad 💕👑

    Ellisha CooperEllisha CooperPrije mjesec
  • Hi merellen twins can you dm me on Instagram me account is Alexandrasweet

    NANA AFUA ADUBEA Edu-AffulNANA AFUA ADUBEA Edu-AffulPrije mjesec
  • I see the Merrell Twins, I watch and like. ❤️

    iDrkTViDrkTVPrije mjesec
    • @MA. SOFIA E. CIRON Agreed!! ❤️

      iDrkTViDrkTVPrije 21 dan
    • The merrell twins are the most holsom, inspirational, sweet and pretty people in the internet!

      MA. SOFIA E. CIRONMA. SOFIA E. CIRONPrije 21 dan
    • Vanessa Gonzalez yes

      KUSHAAGRA YtKUSHAAGRA YtPrije mjesec
    • @Vanessa Gonzalez Always. Merrell twins are bae.

      iDrkTViDrkTVPrije mjesec
    • Did you watch the whole video like the 2 hours

      Vanessa GonzalezVanessa GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    K DK DPrije mjesec
  • Did anybody notice at 1:27 nessa was looking for her purse but it was on her shoulder😂 Love you girls!❤️😁

    Yamilet GonzalezYamilet GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • TEAM MERRELL!!!!!!!!!

    Whitney MWhitney MPrije mjesec
    • Whitney haiiii

      Bubble WrapBubble WrapPrije mjesec
  • 4 min

    Yolanda VargasYolanda VargasPrije mjesec
  • I'm watching other Merrell Twins videos 💝

    AJ - 07MP 754916 Beatty Fleming Sr PSAJ - 07MP 754916 Beatty Fleming Sr PSPrije mjesec
  • Hiiiii!!! Love the Merrell Twins ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

    AJ - 07MP 754916 Beatty Fleming Sr PSAJ - 07MP 754916 Beatty Fleming Sr PSPrije mjesec
  • This is so cool

    Carmen PachecoCarmen PachecoPrije mjesec
  • Merrell Twins please do a reaction to bts dynamiteeee💜💜

    Lismarie RosaLismarie RosaPrije mjesec
    • Lismarie Rosa oof sorry I didn’t mean to be rude but I actually don’t really like trendy things you know.. and bts is superrr trendy and sorry if i sounded kinda rude here 😬

      AestheticnessAestheticnessPrije mjesec
    • Aestheticness why :(

      Lismarie RosaLismarie RosaPrije mjesec
    • Nooo

      AestheticnessAestheticnessPrije mjesec
  • Hi ppl

    Niyati chowdary kolluNiyati chowdary kolluPrije mjesec

    Bubble WrapBubble WrapPrije mjesec
    • Cya too❤️

      Bubble WrapBubble WrapPrije mjesec
    • @Bubble Wrap see ya next live stream checking the channel every hour

      Cheryl OliveiroCheryl OliveiroPrije mjesec
    • Hiii

      Cheryl OliveiroCheryl OliveiroPrije mjesec
    • Nylaaaaaa!!!!

      Bubble WrapBubble WrapPrije mjesec
    • Hi bubble wrap

      Cheryl OliveiroCheryl OliveiroPrije mjesec
  • To the person reading this: IF YOU ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, REMEMBER TO STAY SAFE 🙏❤️🙏

    Nissi OnafowokanNissi OnafowokanPrije mjesec
    • @Blue meg T you to just one day left then holiday then 4th term

      Rumaisa and AaliyahRumaisa and AaliyahPrije mjesec
    • Thank you! You to!🙏

      Yamilet GonzalezYamilet GonzalezPrije mjesec
    • Aw Tysm

      Blue meg TBlue meg TPrije mjesec
  • I love Awesomenesstv Everytime they post anew video i watch it

    Aditya HarsuleAditya HarsulePrije mjesec
  • gabriel or nayeli, dora the explorer, bubble and keira and queenrat and idk who else. yall cool❤️

    cuteness overloadcuteness overloadPrije mjesec
    • @Bubble Wrap bubbly is here❤️❤️

      cuteness overloadcuteness overloadPrije mjesec
    • ILY😌👑

      Bubble WrapBubble WrapPrije mjesec