Noah Beck & Blake Gray Reveal their Tik Tok Crush While Attempting to Bake Cupcakes | Dish This

18. Kol 2020.
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WHEW...the kitchen is HOT, thanks to TikTok stars Noah Beck and Blake Gray who discuss girls and reveal their biggest turn-ons, all while attempting to bake cupcakes.
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→ Talent Credits ←
Noah Beck: @noahbeck
Blake Gray: @blakegray
Joey Skladany: @JoeySkladany
Check out the full recipe on AwesomenessTV's TikTok:
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Director & Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
Supervising Producer: Katherine Martinez @KatherineLauren
Editor: Meredith Veach
Line Producer: Lauren C Brooks
Technical Director: Sean McDermott
If you see this, comment below what dish you wish Noah or Blake would cook for YOU. 🍝 😍 🍽️

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  • noah😛beck😝what😚the🧐heck🤨why😔does😄everyone😱make🙃fun😀of😆your🤭neck😍

    Potterhead lolPotterhead lolPrije 5 sati
  • Noah we all know its dixie

    Sandayella DessalinesSandayella DessalinesPrije 6 sati
  • I really don't know why I'm watching this.

    Musk80HDMusk80HDPrije dan
  • Who else disliked

    Nunya BuissnessNunya BuissnessPrije dan
  • We all know who Noah’s crush is

    Emily KEmily KPrije 2 dana
  • Bruh what kinda Oompa Loompa body built kinda show is this?

    yourboyex896yourboyex896Prije 2 dana
  • Noah- I’m not saying my crush Me- Noah we all know it’s Dixie🤣🤣🤣 Like if u agree

    Amy LutherAmy LutherPrije 3 dana
  • BOAH

    iipxstelhedgehogiiiipxstelhedgehogiiPrije 3 dana
  • Ship name should probably be: Nake Greb?🔥✨🥺🏳‍🌈🧨💕

    PurpleloverUnricornPurpleloverUnricornPrije 3 dana
  • When he asks who is your tic tok crush 7:39

    Tiana MingleTiana MinglePrije 3 dana
  • omg it’s ✨noah neck✨

    cookie monstercookie monsterPrije 3 dana
  • I don’t think anyone asked, who even uses Tiktok anymore when they started using spyware

    ashtozapashtozapPrije 3 dana
  • they kinda forgot to put the cupcake liners in the pan they put the batter straight in the pan lol 🤣🤣

    Lil LizzyLil LizzyPrije 4 dana
  • Noah and Blake are the nicest people in sway and when Blake is with a girl he dose not swear

    Bertha CamarenaBertha CamarenaPrije 4 dana
  • They look yun

    Lee KnightLee KnightPrije 4 dana
  • *noah neck

    natnatPrije 4 dana
  • I love your Tik tok

    Nashearease Golden-BerryNashearease Golden-BerryPrije 5 dana
  • Awesomeness: noah beck and black gray revealed there tiktok crush! Noah and black: nahhh it’s not worth to say😬

    Carolin DiazCarolin DiazPrije 6 dana
  • such clickbate lol

    random personrandom personPrije 6 dana
  • Oh hey it’s Noah Neck

    いもけんぴいもけんぴPrije 6 dana
  • stan loona

    videl xoxvidel xoxPrije 7 dana
  • Noah neck 😻🙀🥰😍

    Yoonbum kin ——————Yoonbum kin ——————Prije 7 dana
  • think noah like dixie

    Sabrina IsmailSabrina IsmailPrije 7 dana
  • A plastic bag is not a good substitute than a piping bag when making REAL churros. My mother learned the hard way.💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🌋🌋🌋

    bluscout8181bluscout8181Prije 7 dana
  • Cringe

    Mizkif clipsMizkif clipsPrije 8 dana
  • Yey Noah won

    Lauren ThomasLauren ThomasPrije 9 dana
  • i am under arrest for attempting to steal a car in a wendys parking lot in the state of miami

    Shut up your mouthShut up your mouthPrije 9 dana
  • Noah have the cutest smile 💕

    Bianca GowdyBianca GowdyPrije 9 dana
  • I love this duo so much!!! Love this duo more than Noah & Dixie. I saw Noah Beck on TikTok & DIDNT catch my attention because I don’t follow none of them tiktokers BUT THEN VIDEOS HE IS IN. He’s pretty down to earth, and NOT like this other TIKTOKERS. My respect to Noah !

    Ashley BurgosAshley BurgosPrije 9 dana
  • so you don’t have to wait: 7:43

    abbythebhaddieabbythebhaddiePrije 10 dana
  • Blake was more excited then Noah when Noah was the one who wonq🥺🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Alexis ConwayAlexis ConwayPrije 10 dana

    Grace PinaGrace PinaPrije 10 dana
  • No one gonna talk about the fact Noah didn’t say his tik tok crush I wonder why hmm 🤔 maybe it was dixie

    Zoe WhiteZoe WhitePrije 10 dana
  • Noah and Blake: *Making Cupcakes* Noah and Blake: *Face is annoyed* Host: *Talking non-stop* Me: *Laughing my head off*

    Jazlyn MendiolaJazlyn MendiolaPrije 10 dana
  • Does anyone else just think these two are so cute🥺like watching them try and bake

    becky lintonbecky lintonPrije 10 dana
  • who's your biggest tiktok crush Noah? in his mind "dixie"

    Ruby RouseRuby RousePrije 10 dana
  • it’s weird seeing them with shirts on

    padtasticpadtasticPrije 10 dana
  • I like Noah Beck I love him

    Gerald PrevostGerald PrevostPrije 11 dana
  • 4:10 mini wisk ♥

    Bubbly BubblesBubbly BubblesPrije 12 dana
  • *deep breath* THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

    strxnqerstrxnqerPrije 13 dana
  • 2:06 wait until your food is cooked to eat no one does that was all eat the batter no matter how much we know our stomachs will hurt

    Caroline VioletCaroline VioletPrije 13 dana
  • we all should know EVERYBODY LIKES ADDISON RAE😭😭😭😭

    angel turnerangel turnerPrije 13 dana
  • Noah: eating Blake: confuesed

    •Blue• Tøngue••Blue• Tøngue•Prije 14 dana
  • Arabic trans pkz

    gd Sorgd SorPrije 14 dana
  • Noah crush is Dixie Noah crush is Dixie

    Kendrick GreenKendrick GreenPrije 15 dana
  • Noah’s head : ✨Dixie✨

    Kylie HesterleeKylie HesterleePrije 16 dana
  • Blake...... An egg?

    Raveena HarnarineRaveena HarnarinePrije 16 dana
  • yay i wanted him to win

    Gracie RichmondGracie RichmondPrije 16 dana
  • I want to bleach my eyes I accidentally clicked this and now I want to drench myself in gasoline and die

    imtfoximtfoxPrije 17 dana
  • I was watching jersey shore and I click on this 😐

    random Personrandom PersonPrije 17 dana
  • 😣✋

    walter memerwalter memerPrije 17 dana
  • when blake put the oil in i started like that one meme: YoU FrIkKIn FrIcKs! WhEn WiLl YoU LeArN, WhEn WiLl YoU LeArn ThAT AcTiOnS hAvE CoNsEuQuEnCeS

    Nahomi AntenehNahomi AntenehPrije 17 dana
  • I love how Noah is always so chill

    *SubSub* Almoneef*SubSub* AlmoneefPrije 17 dana
  • I don’t understand why y’all find Noah attractive??

    Evangeline SageEvangeline SagePrije 18 dana
  • Well done guys these too are so.funny haha

    BFF SquadBFF SquadPrije 18 dana
  • I love how confident Noah is🥺

    Maleah CouteretMaleah CouteretPrije 18 dana
  • No

    Bounkhong ChansyBounkhong ChansyPrije 19 dana
  • omg this is frustrating me so bad considering im a baker

    sunny rushersunny rusherPrije 19 dana
  • Omg its noah neck!

    『Hxney_ Cløuds』『Hxney_ Cløuds』Prije 19 dana
  • I love that their dating now

    Kennedy SmithKennedy SmithPrije 19 dana
  • The host was so cringe

    Zaynab NajafiZaynab NajafiPrije 19 dana

    Jia PuppiesJia PuppiesPrije 19 dana
  • I need a bad bleep Addison Ray shoty the badist.

    strawberry jellostrawberry jelloPrije 19 dana
  • We all know that Noah's crush is Dixie but he still said 'nAh ItS NOt woRTh iT' and im like 'mmmhhhmmm surre' hahaha

    Tannaya ShanahanTannaya ShanahanPrije 19 dana
  • Noah becks is looks and Blake gray is cooks LOL 😂

    It's XanderaIt's XanderaPrije 20 dana
  • I accidentally clicked on this video but will still comment because this is good

    Side CharacterSide CharacterPrije 20 dana
  • I think Noah is a better cook because how he does it makes it looks like he cooks or know who to cook

    Bryana BlountBryana BlountPrije 20 dana
  • I love Noah's laugh

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    Ikeria ScottIkeria ScottPrije 21 dan
  • Jesus is coming back soon repent of your sins and turn to Jesus build a relationship with Jesus And God

    Chloe HicksChloe HicksPrije 21 dan
  • Gross especially noah neck

    Han BananHan BananPrije 21 dan

      cinnamoncinnamonPrije 20 dana
  • u came for 7:42

    Kailyn CKailyn CPrije 21 dan
  • Noah talking about his ex .... Blake in the back:😲🔥

    freya Barnettfreya BarnettPrije 21 dan
  • Everybody we all know who Noah beck’s crush is

    Brooke JonesBrooke JonesPrije 21 dan
  • whos here when dixie and noah are dating??

    SensitivexflowerSensitivexflowerPrije 22 dana
  • Noah beak talking and if you look back you can see that black gray is getting burned😂

    Keily GomezKeily GomezPrije 22 dana
  • Oof

    Ashley montesAshley montesPrije 22 dana
  • Who is his ex girlfriend !!!!!?????

    Kenza AkriKenza AkriPrije 22 dana
  • Bruh. So frustrating watching them

    Vasquez LoganVasquez LoganPrije 22 dana
  • noah and blake look likr brothers bruh! ._.

    Eva NealeEva NealePrije 22 dana
  • Noah's smile gives -

    Fovie WFovie WPrije 22 dana
  • Noah ate everything ahaha

    Hayden Cody - SRM StudentHayden Cody - SRM StudentPrije 23 dana
  • 8:32 noah talking about his relationship and Blake jumping up and down cause he burnt his hands

    Nourhan ChaarNourhan ChaarPrije 23 dana
  • Who is Noah Beck Crush

    Tahnia Tumu PattersonTahnia Tumu PattersonPrije 23 dana
  • this video is lowkey clickbait... noah and blake dont even reveal their crush

    Shyler RadeShyler RadePrije 23 dana
  • 4:13 - Noah was so excited about the mini whisk😆

    m e g h a nm e g h a nPrije 23 dana
  • Great effort Noah and blake!👏🔥👍

    Sarah PriceSarah PricePrije 24 dana
  • Lol Noah beck has a girlfriend ( Dixie )

    Chrissy .petreskiChrissy .petreskiPrije 24 dana
  • Noah is cute but he was my tik tok crush but not eney more

    Dane DiedericksDane DiedericksPrije 24 dana
  • Bloah

    Ivor KockIvor KockPrije 24 dana
  • Noah not answering the tiktok crush question whyyyy because its dixie

    Jayli CandoJayli CandoPrije 24 dana
  • Noah getting the dixie question right

    Jayli CandoJayli CandoPrije 24 dana
  • I came here to see if noah was going to Dixie for his crush

    kaylee eaglekaylee eaglePrije 24 dana
  • Honestly Noah’s cupcakes look like the mushrooms from the movie Smurfs XD lol 😆

    debbra smithdebbra smithPrije 25 dana
  • Noah and Blak Gray there are so nice

    Litzy ArambulaLitzy ArambulaPrije 25 dana
  • So I will say it See Dixie please confess your feelings for Noah Beck and you to Noah Beck

    Maraam WaselMaraam WaselPrije 25 dana
  • Noah Beck likes Dixie D’Amelio

    Maraam WaselMaraam WaselPrije 25 dana
  • Fyp

    Pettway’s In TexasPettway’s In TexasPrije 26 dana
  • Noah's really enjoying the frosting.🎂

    Snake LoverSnake LoverPrije 26 dana
  • Noah is just like the sweetest to look at while he's doing his cupcake.

    Mattea AmberMattea AmberPrije 26 dana