Period Myths Trivia w/ Jessie Paege & Jo Franco

19. Kol 2020.
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Wait, HOW do we relate to sharks?!
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How many times does someone have a period in a lifetime?! Join Jessie Paege & Jo Franco as they dispel myths about periods in a trivia game that will completely change your mind! This episode is presented by OMV! by Vagisil.

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  • 1 mil views but only 394 likes? Am confused I have a video with 4k views and I think I have more then that TwT

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  • I hate that they’re promoting things like vagisil wipes and soaps to teens, saying you need to “smell good.” YOUR VAGINA DOESNT HAVE TO SMELL LIKE ROSES OR STRAWBERRY OR ANYTHING FANCY. IT’S A VAGINA. IT’S SO NORMAL TO HAVE A NATURAL SCENT. you shouldn’t put anything perfumey on it either! honestly all you need is water and if you really feel like you need soap, use something gentle like an unscented soap bar. products that contain perfume or fragrance can mess up the natural PH balance of your vagina, which is something no one needs. i agree it’s really important to talk about vaginal health, but promoting items like vagisil to a younger audience ain’t it. teach young people that their bodies are normal in a way without selling them things that are trying to change the natural workings of it

    sammiesammiePrije 2 mjeseci
  • I'm living for this collab❤

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  • Who here also started school!?

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    • Sadly

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