TWIN MY HEART SEASON 2 - Full Marathon w/ The Merrell Twins

7. Ruj 2020.
21 910 Pregleda

We're streaming every episode of TWIN MY HEART SEASON 2 with the MERRELL TWINS!

Welcome to AwesomenessTV, where all of your favorite creators like Niki & Gabi, Brent Rivera, Eva Gutowski, Jordyn Jones, The Stokes Twins, and more come together in daily shows made for you! Our originals My Dream Quinceañera, Malibu Surf, Cheerleaders are real life dramas with friends you know, and a dose of the Daily Report keeps you informed on celeb gossip. New shows everyday to create an awesome day!
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  • franny its ok girrly i get what your going through if u ever want to talk u can pm me on instagram

    stefy mendozastefy mendozaPrije 7 dana
  • You should do season 3 for Roni

    Monica MedinaMonica MedinaPrije 27 dana
  • The brothers should have won

    adriana mendozaadriana mendozaPrije mjesec

    Stephanie AbabioStephanie AbabioPrije mjesec
  • where is season 3?

    Sarai BrooksSarai BrooksPrije mjesec
  • Christian John frikin Seavey made me die XD

    Naila Amani 6CNaila Amani 6CPrije mjesec
  • teacher : * explains math * me and my best friend : 2:58:18 someone:* spills te* me and my friend : 2:58:21

    Naila Amani 6CNaila Amani 6CPrije mjesec
  • 1:25:34 Ryan : i give better massages me: * ded*

    Naila Amani 6CNaila Amani 6CPrije mjesec
  • i feel like deniss is like the brandon from season 1 XD

    Naila Amani 6CNaila Amani 6CPrije mjesec

    Fahima AyobFahima AyobPrije mjesec
    • Fahima Ayob doesn’t Roni have aaron 😏

      Naila Amani 6CNaila Amani 6CPrije mjesec
    • @Naila Amani 6C for Veronica

      Fahima AyobFahima AyobPrije mjesec
    • for alex ?

      Naila Amani 6CNaila Amani 6CPrije mjesec
  • Fun Fact: Vanessa and I birthday's are a day apart from each other.

    • SEASON 3!!!

      Orenvungi JamiOrenvungi JamiPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    JaJa Play'sJaJa Play'sPrije mjesec
  • It wasn’t nice of Frannie to be so savage and rude to Troi

    Mensch MenschMensch MenschPrije mjesec
    • Mensch Mensch he deserved it

      Sofia KaurSofia KaurPrije mjesec
  • Do they even eat? 😂

    Alexis- the black wolfieAlexis- the black wolfiePrije mjesec
  • I watched the whole thing- I didn't even know it was 4 hours long 😭

    Alexis- the black wolfieAlexis- the black wolfiePrije mjesec
  • I cant believe I watched this whole thing..

    Delainey WoffordDelainey WoffordPrije mjesec
  • I ship franny and ryan since the beginning. Vince and nezza is really cute.

    Novemberrocks MusicNovemberrocks MusicPrije mjesec
  • They have already streamed this

    Tia HowardTia HowardPrije mjesec
  • They did that ages ago

    Rayan AlhosniRayan AlhosniPrije mjesec
  • You two should get some love merrell twins

    connie kanguguconnie kanguguPrije mjesec
  • I felt bad for Frannie hopefully she was okay :( I love these type of videos please keep posting more 🥰 love you guys ❤️

    Parmesan PizzaParmesan PizzaPrije mjesec
  • awesomenesstv is running out of videos to post like how many times are you gonna stream this??????

    Nicole ViolettitoNicole ViolettitoPrije mjesec
    • they streamed season 1 not this one

      eliza mcdonaldeliza mcdonaldPrije mjesec
  • No comments-

    Raeann SumRaeann SumPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    skzlvtskzlvtPrije mjesec
  • I thought they already did this stream

    sophie Potatosophie PotatoPrije mjesec
  • Happy birthday Nezza

    connie kanguguconnie kanguguPrije mjesec
  • Did you know just saying benitte is in brent Rivera's video he was one of the fire man

    SpakanSpakanPrije mjesec
  • No comments 😂😂😂😂😂

    Aidan RyningAidan RyningPrije mjesec
  • No comments 😂😂✌️✌️

    Brenda AcostaBrenda AcostaPrije mjesec
  • Was this recorded before corona or something lol

    Chocolate isyummyChocolate isyummyPrije mjesec
    • Yes it was

      bored tiktokerbored tiktokerPrije mjesec
    • Yes it was

      Stacy FazioliStacy FazioliPrije mjesec
    • hahaha yea they recorded this in january

      Natalia TorresNatalia TorresPrije mjesec
  • Cool girls!! ❣

    Thiago S. TavaresThiago S. TavaresPrije mjesec
  • To the ones reading this... May you always be successful and happy in every field of life..stay home n stay safe.. you should do one with josh and brye too....

    Priyanjali KhawasPriyanjali KhawasPrije mjesec
  • Wait what!! No comments??

    Priyanjali KhawasPriyanjali KhawasPrije mjesec
  • Ummm no coments?????

    Litzy Avalos SifuentesLitzy Avalos SifuentesPrije mjesec
  • there is no comments- i-

    V x r g oV x r g oPrije mjesec