Ultimate DATING SHOW Compilation - Twin My Heart w/ Merrell Twins, Brent Rivera & Ben Azelart, MORE

12. Ruj 2020.
36 614 Pregleda

We're streaming some of our fav dating shows like Date Drop, Date Takeover, and Twin My Heart! What's your favorite?!

Welcome to AwesomenessTV, where all of your favorite creators like Niki & Gabi, Brent Rivera, Eva Gutowski, Jordyn Jones, The Stokes Twins, and more come together in daily shows made for you! Our originals My Dream Quinceañera, Malibu Surf, Cheerleaders are real life dramas with friends you know, and a dose of the Daily Report keeps you informed on celeb gossip. New shows everyday to create an awesome day!
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  • Guss what Pierson is Axaly in your group

    Steven MSteven MPrije 28 dana
  • Was that Pierson!!!!!!!!im gonna die

    angelicltinaangelicltinaPrije mjesec
  • I think Christian wanna be last and he is last I love what Vanessa picks and she matches him . You two look very great together as in the series prom knight.. I hope many more content should come with chiristen . Love from Pakistan.

    Syeda RoshanSyeda RoshanPrije mjesec
  • From this show to Brent's squad and crush - Pierson Love u

    Valentina DsouzaValentina DsouzaPrije mjesec
  • I think it is Christian

    Hailie NeufeldHailie NeufeldPrije mjesec
  • Pierson and Brent: this is how we met No one:

    Areesha MoazzamAreesha MoazzamPrije mjesec
  • this competition was 2 years ago...

    Aarav Raj ShresthaAarav Raj ShresthaPrije mjesec
    • Aarav Raj Shrestha geez I swear they only got together like a month ago 😯

      Elizabeth RadfordElizabeth RadfordPrije mjesec
  • Mary is the one of the step sister from Cinderella story that Selena Gomez star in right?

    Lidiette MaslowLidiette MaslowPrije mjesec
  • Brandon- "Honestly I find it ridiculous taht I didnt win" Me- I'm sorry all you did was chug yogurt👁👄👁

    Saraya RodzSaraya RodzPrije mjesec
  • brieson

    john mayakajohn mayakaPrije mjesec
  • Omg only 15 replies

    Srishti KumarSrishti KumarPrije mjesec
  • 😊

    Hristiqna AtanasovaHristiqna AtanasovaPrije mjesec
  • The first one when Pierson Won- we all Know That This was MADE for them😏

    Shravya Vivek KrishnamurthyShravya Vivek KrishnamurthyPrije mjesec
  • (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ hi how ya doin

    Skylee GachaBearSkylee GachaBearPrije mjesec
  • Tfuck! Am i really gonna finish this 4 and a half hour video in one sitting? Geez

    Phil Clemson TanPhil Clemson TanPrije mjesec
  • Who else is here bc of the Merrell Twins?

    Ilmeeyat Azrin ArshadIlmeeyat Azrin ArshadPrije mjesec
  • Has has so happy 😁 has has.

    Art Drawing KHArt Drawing KHPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    Ragi PatelRagi PatelPrije mjesec
  • Akron Civic 2.0

    Jamie HatfieldJamie HatfieldPrije mjesec
  • I pooped my pants

    Jamie HatfieldJamie HatfieldPrije mjesec
  • done I like in Surprise

    Jamie HatfieldJamie HatfieldPrije mjesec
    • Yes, I like too.

      Art Drawing KHArt Drawing KHPrije mjesec
  • I was like why does this have 8 comments then I realised they posted it 5 mins ago 😂

    Queen O!Queen O!Prije mjesec
  • pierson is brents friend

    Safia BoncanaSafia BoncanaPrije mjesec
    • Has has

      Art Drawing KHArt Drawing KHPrije mjesec
    • They were not friends at the time

      Josiah AntwiJosiah AntwiPrije mjesec
  • so cute

    Safia BoncanaSafia BoncanaPrije mjesec
    • Yes, so cute.

      Art Drawing KHArt Drawing KHPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    naveya mallorynaveya malloryPrije mjesec
  • Second

    Miranda YoungMiranda YoungPrije mjesec
  • Fifth😁

    Shereen AlarnousShereen AlarnousPrije mjesec
  • Fourth

    Molly JacobMolly JacobPrije mjesec
  • Third 🥳

    Charlotte JadeCharlotte JadePrije mjesec
  • First

    Miley McdonaldMiley McdonaldPrije mjesec