Ultimate LEXI RIVERA BEST VIDEOS Compilation

26. Kol 2020.
25 863 Pregleda

#STREAMSQUAD We're streaming our fav Lexi Rivera videos on AwesomenessTV! What's your fav?!
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  • i have 3 sister and we are in 4

    Gaia Flabbi-FrutteroGaia Flabbi-FrutteroPrije 21 dan
  • sing at my birhday party

    Web_YeeWeb_YeePrije mjesec
  • ben is just a troll

    Web_YeeWeb_YeePrije mjesec
  • hello

    Wallace ChanWallace ChanPrije mjesec
  • ok

    twostepp82twostepp82Prije mjesec
  • Love you lots

    Hollie HunterHollie HunterPrije mjesec
  • why is your boyfriend not Ben?

    Maya BuddMaya BuddPrije mjesec
  • I like you doll 7709526336

    Mithun JadhavMithun JadhavPrije mjesec
  • lexi you are my favorite youtuber

    JMR WorldJMR WorldPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    David BeavanDavid BeavanPrije mjesec
  • Yes my birth day

    Maryna Toma ShoshiMaryna Toma ShoshiPrije mjesec
  • so beautiful girl :)

    Focus Relaxing MusicFocus Relaxing MusicPrije mjesec
  • Let's go mutual subscription,like, comment, watched the video

    Relaks TVRelaks TVPrije mjesec
  • I thought I'd your boyfriend was Ben

    Chris GuzmanChris GuzmanPrije mjesec
    • Chris Guzman same I thought Ben was here boyfriend

      Raymond NorrisRaymond NorrisPrije mjesec
  • I don’t like she so annoying worst HRworldr ever

    Michelle GonzalezMichelle GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • I have 4 brothers and I am the only girl:(

    Valerie HerreraValerie HerreraPrije mjesec
  • you are not DATING BEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jade Doironjade DoironPrije mjesec
  • Hi Lexs

    Fazlin MoosaFazlin MoosaPrije mjesec
  • Actually I also have 3brothers(younger) and I'm the only girl

    Mary SixsmithMary SixsmithPrije mjesec
  • Hi Lexi rivera

    Jada AndriesJada AndriesPrije mjesec
    • Your videos are so Good😘😍😆

      tilly hofertilly hoferPrije mjesec
    • Your videos are so Good

      tilly hofertilly hoferPrije mjesec
  • Before 10k views 🙌🏾

    Zoey WaltersZoey WaltersPrije mjesec
  • Hi💗I love your videos ☺️

    Abbey ThomasAbbey ThomasPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    Binte akhterBinte akhterPrije mjesec
  • Do you know who lexi is or bexi or breava or

    Gobs PaperGobs PaperPrije mjesec
  • Hi! I was watching live earlier!

    Ava GarciaAva GarciaPrije mjesec
    • Ava Garcia cool

      London NoelLondon NoelPrije mjesec
  • Awesome creator youtube.. Very younger.. Best concept in her live.. Be happy. 👍😍

    yekti homesapphireyekti homesapphirePrije mjesec
  • I know you are dating Ben Azelart

    Deo-Mari SteenkampDeo-Mari SteenkampPrije mjesec
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      Raymond NorrisRaymond NorrisPrije mjesec